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Single Payer News: September 1 – September 17, 2019

Tuesday, September 17

Democrats and health care reform: How to get there from here
The Washington Post – Column

Warren details sweeping policy proposals in Washington Square Park
Crain’s – News

The future of Medicare: What every Baby Boomer should know
Forbes – Column

Democrats fret presidential field’s leftward lurch presents down-ballot dilemma
McClatchy – News


Monday, September 16

Working Families Party endorses Elizabeth Warren
The New York Times – News

How politicians might pay for their goals seems so out of fashion
Newsday – Opinion Column

If Biden can’t go the distance, here’s another center-left alternative
The Washington Post – Opinion Column

We spend about half of our federal tax dollars on health care. That’s ridiculous.
USA Today – Opinion

How Elizabeth Warren has stayed out of the Medicare for all fray
Vox – News


Friday, September 13

Read the full transcript of ABC News’ 3rd Democratic debate
ABC News – News

Fact-checking the Democratic debate
The New York Times – News

As Democrats spar over health care, ObamaCare still popular with voters
Fox Business – News

Democrats argue over health care and other core issues – and the direction of the party
The Washington Post – News

Top 2020 Democratic candidates spar over health care in third debate
The Wall Street Journal – News

Attacks on Biden in debate highlight divide over the Obama legacy
The New York Times – News

Biden attacks Warren, Sanders over cost of healthcare plans in Democratic debate
Reuters – News

Democrats clash over health care and more in debate that started with calls for unity
The Washington Post – News

Third debate shows why Democratic primary could take a while to decide
CNN – News

The Democratic race gets hotter with a debate over where, exactly, the party should stand
USA Today – News

Despite repeated calls for unity, Democrats throw debate punches on health plans
Kaiser Health News – News


Thursday, September 12

4 health care questions, besides Medicare for all, every 2020 Democratic candidate should answer
Vox – News

5 New York issues to watch in tonight’s Democratic debate
Spectrum News – News

Economic fears and Medicare for All: Here are the business issues to watch in the third Democratic debate
CNBC – News

Explaining the Democrats’ health care plans, in plain English
San Francisco Chronicle – News

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren: A short guide to big differences
PolitiFact – Analysis


Wednesday, September 11

Poll: Biden proposal more popular than ‘Medicare for All’ in general election
The Hill – News

Watch to watch for in the Houston Democratic debate
The Wall Street Journal – News

Disabled activist calls out Kamala Harris over huge holes in health care plan
Huffington Post – News

What Medicare for all could mean for auto workers
The Detroit News – News


Tuesday, September 10

New book proves that the US can have better health care at one-quarter the price
Forbes – Commentary

Where the top Democratic US presidential candidates stand on ‘Medicare for all’
Reuters – News

Health Care: See where the 2020 Democratic candidates stand
NPR – News

Elizabeth Warren doubles down on ‘Medicare for all’ in interview with dying activist
Huffington Post – News


Monday, September 9

Single payer health care is the first step in the revolution
The Nation – Commentary

Majority of House Dems now support ‘Medicare for all’
Fox News – News


Sunday, September 8

The best health care reform is already in place
The Hill – Opinion

Medicare for all vs Medicare: What the Sanders plan would mean for 60 million Americans
CNN – News

In New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren shows why she’s on the rise
The Washington Post – Opinion


Friday, September 6

Activist campaign pushes Rep. Hakeem Jeffries to back Medicare for all
Salon – News

More than half of House Democrats now support Medicare for all
The Washington Post – Analysis


Thursday, September 5

What Medicare for all might mean for jobs
NPR – News

House Democratic Caucus chairman announces support for ‘Medicare for all’
The Hill – News

A government-run health insurance plan would be less radical than Medicare for all. But it still wouldn’t work.
Reason – Commentary

Relatively modest health reform may create more value than ‘Medicare for all’
Health Affairs – Blog

Why the Founders would have supported Medicare for all
The Washington Post – Opinion


Wednesday, September 4

Democrats bet big on Obamacare to win Virginia statehouse
Politico – News

Unions have won the war of ideas. Will that win them power?
NY Magazine – Column

Democrats’ progressive agenda can’t be paid for by taxing the rich, report finds
Yahoo Finance – News


Tuesday, September 3

Lawmakers visit Canada to study health care issues
Politico – News


Monday, September 2

The heaviest roadblock to making Medicare for all work
New York Post – Opinion