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Single Payer News: August 10 – August 31, 2019

Saturday, August 31

Sanders: Medicare for all means more taxes, better overage
Associated Press – News

Sen. Bernie Sanders teases plan to cancel $81 billion in Americans’ medical debt
The Washington Post – News

Bernie Sanders teases plan to eliminate billions in medical debt
CNN – News


Friday, August 30

Democrats need litmus tests on health care
The Nation – Commentary

Bernie Sanders’s supporters find anger not as compelling this time around
The Washington Post – News


Thursday, August 29

Letter: Providers ensure health coverage
Times Union – Letter to the Editor

Democrats’ Medicare for all plans must consider union-negotiated health plans: AFL-CIO chief
Reuters – News

Would a Democratic president really be better for the economy than a second Trump term?
The Week – Opinion

Bernie Sanders doesn’t think he missed his moment in 2016
Vice – News

Bloomberg could win Dem nomination
Jewish World Review – Commentary

The people who think Bernie is moderate
The Atlantic – Commentary


Wednesday, August 28

Rivera takes single-payer fact-finding trip to Canada
State of Politics – News

Senate Health Committee chair leads fact finding trip to Toronto
Times Union – News

Democrats are right to back away from Medicare for all – Commentary

Poll: Dems more likely to support candidate who backs Medicare for all over fixing Obamacare
Politico – Poll

Unions shouldn’t use their health insurance as a weapon against universal coverage
The Washington Post – Opinion

2020 Dem hopeful John Delaney: Senator Sanders ‘doesn’t understand anything about the health care industry’
Fox News – News


Tuesday, August 27

‘Medicare Advantage for all’
The Hill – Opinion

If the Democrats take the Senate, they plan to fix Obamacare, not pass Medicare for all
New York Magazine – Column

How ‘Medicare for all’ went mainstream
The New York Times Magazine – Column

Biden knocks Trump, Democratic rivals in new TV ad touting Affordable Care Act
The Washington Post – News

4 Senate Dems shaping the future of health policy explain what they’re thinking
Vox – News


Monday, August 26

Candidates are jockeying for union endorsements. Bernie Sanders just got one.
The New York Times – News

Want to insure everyone? ‘Medicare for all’ isn’t the only model
MedPage Today – Editorial

Where is Elizabeth Warren’s health care plan?
The Washington Post – Opinion

New study reveals how the price of treatments for a devastating disease quadrupled over the past decade
Business Insider – News


Sunday, August 25

Senate battleground Dems shun ‘Medicare for all’
Politico – News

6 takeaways from CNN’s town halls with Steve Bullock and Bill de Blasio
CNN – News

Sanders doubles down on ‘Medicare for all’ defense: ‘We have not changed one word’
The Hill – News

Health care should be a right, not a privilege
The Washington Post – Letter to the Editor


Friday, August 23

For Democrats, a shift toward the middle on health care
Associated Press – News


Thursday, August 22

‘I’m not trying to build a national profile’: Brindisi plays is safe in upstate NY
Politico – News  


Wednesday, August 21

The link between cost and quality in American health care
Newsy – News

Sen. Bernie Sanders changes how Medicare for all plan treats union contracts in face of opposition by organized labor
The Washington Post – News

Why 2020 Democrats are backing off Medicare for all, in four charts
The Washington Post – News

Insurance lobby chief says Biden, Sanders health plans ‘similarly bad’
The Hill – News

Head of health insurance lobby responds to Sanders: ‘We disclose all of our lobbying’
The Hill – News

Why not single payer food, shelter?
Newsday – Opinion Column

Estes Park Hospital says it will close under Medicare for all
Estes Park Trail Gazette – News


Tuesday, August 20

Harry Reid: ‘Of course’ Medicare for all and decriminalizing the border crossings are bad ideas
Vice – News

Hospitals assess the potential impact of ‘Medicare for all’
WBUR – News

Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders’s fight on health care is really about the wealthy
Vox – News

Digital health execs: Why single payer can help address health care’s grey areas
Yahoo Finance – News

Democrats back off once-fervent embrace of Medicare for all
The Washington Post – News

Op-Ed: Hello from Canada. Here’s how the Democratic candidates can dispel myths about single payer healthcare
Los Angeles Times – Opinion

Do Democrats need a backup plan?
Roll Call – Commentary

Sanders mocks Harris over ‘Medicare for all’ criticism
Fox News – News

Expand Medicaid, not Medicare, to provide Americans with health care safety net
The Hill – Opinion


Monday, August 19

Why universal health care isn’t enough
The Washington Post – Opinion

‘I believe in capitalism’: Kamala Harris courts big donors in the Hamptons
Bloomberg – News

Counterpoint: single payer solves ‘side effects’ of health care policy
Star Tribune (Minnesota) – Opinion

A president Harris would mean good bye to private insurance
Forbes – Opinion


Sunday, August 18

‘Medicare for all’ would be hazardous to the health of seniors – rationed care could be deadly
Fox News – Opinion


Friday, August 16

What FDR understood about socialism that today’s Democrats don’t
Politico – Column

Cardi B finally sits down with ‘Daddy Bernie’ to talk health care, immigration and her favorite president
The Week – Interview

Democratic divide in Iowa: Will ‘Medicare for all’ and free college appeal to rural voters or send them back to Trump in 2020?
Chicago Tribune – Column

We need to do a better job addressing the factors that cause poor health
Morning Consult – Opinion


Thursday, August 15

Democrats don’t have unions in the bag when it comes to Medicare for all
The Washington Post – Analysis

Head of flight attendants group claims ‘broad support’ for ‘Medicare for all’ among union members
The Hill – News

Defining the debate on health care coverage options
Kaiser Health News – News

What happened to the right to choose your health care?
Finger Lakes Times – Opinion


Wednesday, August 14

The ethical mess of our health care system
The New York Times – Opinion

Why we need single payer – and ‘health justice’
The Washington Post – Opinion

Medicare for all: fears and facts
The Hill – Opinion

Large employers question ‘Medicare for all’ plans, survey shows
Roll Call – News

Obamacare’s unpopularity suggests Medicare for all may be a hard sell
FiveThirtyEight – Analysis

Is it do-or-die time for alternatives to Joe Biden?
The Washington Post – Opinion

Two med students make case for single payer health care
San Francisco Chronicle – Opinion

Why doesn’t the United States have universal health care? The answer has everything to do with race
The New York Times Magazine – Column


Tuesday, August 13

Private sector vs Medicare? It’s basically the same thing
The Hill – Opinion

Here’s how Medicare for all would affect every part of the $3.5 trillion US healthcare system
Business Insider – News

Employee health benefits’ costs expected to rise 5% in 2020, new survey says
CNBC – News

Stalled Sanders campaign orchestrated reboot after first debate
Politico – News

Rep. Ro Khanna on Medicare for all, how Bernie can win – and the coming impeachment
Salon – Interview

Letter: Single payer plan would boost rural hospitals
The Columbus Dispatch – Opinion


Monday, August 12

Insurance is going to be huge next session
City & State – News

Rep. Tonko hosts healthcare discussion in Albany
WRGB – News

Tonko hosts sit-down to discuss affordable health care
Spectrum News – News

New poll finds Oregonians would vote for higher taxes for universal care
Portland Business Journal – News

Here’s how we can have Medicare for all with a private option
The Hill – Opinion

Bernie Sanders focuses on Medicare for all, making it the defining issue of his campaign
The Washington Post – Commentary

Bernie Sanders campaign claims ownership of health care debate
Michigan Live – News

To save money, American patients and surgeons meet in Cancun
Kaiser Health News – News


Sunday, August 11

What the 2019 session means for your insurance rates
City & State – News

Some labor unions split with Biden on Medicare for all
Politico – News

Democratic hopefuls take aim at insurer and pharma profits
Associated Press – News

Health care fight among 2020 Democrats shifts to taxes
The Hill – News


Saturday, August 10

In Iowa, single payer Medicare for all loses ground
Forbes – News