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Single Payer News: August 1 – August 9, 2019

Friday, August 9

How Pete Buttigieg would overhaul rural health
Politico – News

Democrat Buttigieg unveils healthcare plan for rural Americans, tribes
Reuters – News

Mayor Pete proposes keeping Obamacare, with a public option
The Washington Post – Analysis

Warren makes a bet by backing Sanders’s Medicare for all plan
WBUR – News

Democratic debates didn’t do much to clarify candidates’ plans for health care
CNBC – News


Thursday, August 8

Officials voice, explain support for single payer health care
Spectrum News – News

Group continues its push for the New York Health Act
WBFO – News

The best Democratic health plan
The Atlantic – Opinion

Medicare for all complicates Democrats’ pitch to retake Senate
The Hill – News

Ocasio-Cortez dares moderate Dems to grow thicker skin, says ‘discomfort’ is part of politics
New York Daily News – News


Wednesday, August 7

Rural hospitals take spotlight in coverage expansion debate
Crain’s (Detroit) – News

Why we should let more foreign doctors practice in America
Vox – Opinion

Why single payer healthcare won’t happen in the US any time soon
KITV News – Opinion

Letter: Medicare benefits can come with costs to recipients
Newsday – Letter to the Editor

There is no nursing shortage. There’s just a good nursing job shortage.
The Nation – Commentary


Tuesday, August 6

‘Medicare for all’ is a dire threat to Medicare for retirees
New York Post – Opinion

A proposal to improve healthcare and make it more affordable
The Health Care Blog – Opinion

Tinkering won’t stop doctors from being forced out of the NHS by absurd taxes on their pensions
The Telegraph – Commentary


Monday, August 5

2019’s best and worst states for health care
WalletHub – Analysis

Siena Poll on legislature favorability, bills that passed last session, more
Siena Research Institute – Poll

Are Democrats as split over healthcare as the candidates are?
Gallup – Analysis

Biden mounts fierce defense of Obama legacy after debate attacks
Reuters – News

Health insurance companies are useless. Get rid of them
LA Times – Opinion

2020 Dems’ health care battle is decades in the making
Associated Press – News

Bernie Sanders-style health plans have reached a saturation point
Bloomberg Businessweek – News

Forget Medicare for all. Obamacare for all is the only way forward
WBUR – Commentary

Price Transparency is the best answer to calls for single payer
The Heartland Institute – Commentary

It’s not cowardly to worry about Medicare for all

Bloomberg – Opinion

What will happen to doctors and hospitals under Medicare for all? It’s complicated
The Week – Commentary


Sunday, August 4

Democrats tussle over health care at Nevada labor forum
Associated Press – News

Kamala Harris’s health care plan shows there are ambitious options outside of Medicare for all
The Washington Post – Editorial Board


Saturday, August 3

19 Democratic hopefuls pitch their platforms to union voters in Las Vegas
The Washington Post – News

White House weighs September rollout of health plan
The Wall Street Journal – News


Friday, August 2

A bad Rx for New York: the push for universal health care will drive up taxes and hurt the state
New York Daily News – Opinion

Democrats are having the wrong health care debate
The New York Times – Opinion

Canada’s ‘Uber for doctors’ targets long medical wait times
Bloomberg – News

These are the health care questions that matter most
Bloomberg – Opinion

Warren has lots of plans. But not on health care
Politico – News


Thursday, August 1

A question missing from the health care debate: will doctors make less money?
The Washington Post – Column

Democratic candidates debate ‘Medicare for all’ when they should focus on saving Obamacare
USA Today – Editorial Board

Schumer warns Democrats against ‘circular firing squad’ on health care
The Hill – News

The myth of health insurance choice
The Hill – Opinion

When did Barack Obama become a Republican?
CNN – Opinion

Joe Biden is the big winner of the Democrats’ leftward shift
The Atlantic – Column