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Single Payer News: July 23 – July 31, 2019

Wednesday, July 31

Where the single payer debate could turn next year
State of Politics – News

As Democrats debate single payer, Humana’s Medicare Advantage enrollment soars
Forbes – News

The fight between Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders over “privatizing Medicare,” explained
Vox – News

Biden campaign hits rivals on Medicare for All ahead of debate
The Hill – News

In contentious Democratic debate, deep divisions on health care separate liberals and moderates
The Washington Post – News

Here are the Democrats’ three key disputes about Medicare for all
The Washington Post – Analysis

‘Impossible promises’ vs ‘small ideas.’ Moderates and progressives clash at debate
NPR – News

The health care debate Democrats aren’t having
Axios – Analysis

Elizabeth Warren’s plan for NHS-style healthcare in the US
Refinery29 – News

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, marooned together on fantasy island
The New York Times – Opinion

Health insurers walk delicate line against Democrats’ health proposals
The Wall Street Journal – News

The Democrats’ visceral fear of losing to Donald Trump
The Atlantic – Column


Tuesday, July 30

Fact Check: Warren on the cost of Medicare for all
The Washington Post – Analysis

On health care, there are 3 types of Democrats running for president
Vox – Analysis

Democratic debate turns ferocious over health care
The New York Times – News

Democrats will take a huge bet if they chose the path of Warren or Sanders
CNN – Analysis

The Future of the ACA and Possible Changes to the Current System
Kaiser Family Foundation – Poll

New York needs universal health care
New York Daily News – Opinion

How Democrats can avoid the next health reform backlash
Vox – Column


Monday, July 29

Voters prioritize improving current system over the ‘public option’
Partnership for America’s Health Care Future – Poll

Firefighters union backing Joe Biden opposes Medicare for All
CNN – News

Kamala Harris sets up debate showdown on health care with new plan
The New York Times – News

The wages of bamboozlement, or Harris’s struggles on private insurance
Talking Points Memo – Column

Kamala Harris’s new Medicare for All plan makes (political) sense
New York Magazine – Opinion

Harris vs Sanders on Medicare for All: Key difference between the plans
Fox Business – News

Harris introduces healthcare plan building on Medicare with 10-year transition
Roll Call – News

Kamala Harris releases new details of health care plan
The Washington Post – News

Kamala Harris’ new health plan: Medicare for All – with private insurers
Politico – News

Harris health plan stops short of overhaul Sanders envisions
Associated Press – News

Kamala Harris sets up debate showdown on health care with new plan
The New York Times – News

Kamala Harris is betting that voters want a more moderate Medicare for All plan
BuzzFeed News – News

Harris unveils Medicare for All plan that doesn’t raise middle class taxes, ahead of debates
Fox News – News

A question rarely asked: what would Medicare for All cover?
New York Times – Column

Why aren’t voters more willing to abandon a health system that’s failing?
Vox – Column


Sunday, July 28

Despite calls to start over, US health system covers 90%
Associated Press – News

Would Medicare for All really force hospitals to shutter? The devil is in the details
Salon – Analysis

From private insurance to tariffs, here are the business issues to watch in next Democratic debate
CNBC – News

Medicare for All instead of private health insurance? Question vexes 2020 Democrats
The Wall Street Journal – News


Friday, July 26

Joe Biden’s health care plan isn’t enough – but Medicare for All may be too much
Salon – Opinion


Thursday, July 25

The $2.8 trillion path to universal health care – and it’s not Medicare for All
Fox Business – News

Medicare for All isn’t that popular – even among Democrats
FiveThirtyEight – Analysis

Governors weigh health care plans as they await court ruling
Associated Press – News

Joe Biden has questions about Medicare for All. We answered them.
Vox – Analysis

Letter: Physicians should weigh in on Medicare for All
NewsTimes – Opinion


Wednesday, July 24

Who gains from Medicare for All? Not hospitals
Crowe – Analysis

I’m the administrator of Medicaid and Medicare. A public option is a bad idea.
The Washington Post – Opinion

The cost of a ‘right’ to health care is liberty
The Hill – Opinion

Forging a realistic path to universal coverage
Health Affairs – Blog

Single payer system would require $28 billion in new taxes
Lens – Analysis

Medicare for All proposal will cripple doctors, hospitals
Galion Inquirer – Opinion


Tuesday, July 23

Centrist Democrats worry that Medicare for all imperils control of the House
The Washington Post – News

Bernie Sanders boasts about staff’s private insurance: ‘Best health care plan you can imagine’
Mediaite – Column

New study throws fuel on the health care debate: who’ll be covered, what’s the cost?
NBC News – News

Do studies show middle-class families would save $3,000 a year under Medicare for All? Not really
PolitiFact – Analysis

Medicare for All faces its moment of truth
The Washington Post – Opinion

Some New Yorkers cite universal health care amid potential rate hikes
Politico PRO – News

How “Medicare Extra” gets to universal coverage without single payer
Vox – News