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Single Payer News: September 18 – October 9, 2019

Wednesday, October 9

This is the strongest argument against Medicare for all
The New York Times – Opinion

Don’t be taken in by a ‘Medicare for all’ fantasy
Newsday – Opinion

Colorado’s public option plan cuts provider rates to lower premiums
Healthcare Dive – News

Tuesday, October 8

Don’t be taken in by a ‘Medicare for all’ fantasy
Newsday – Opinion

Letter: Still waiting on promised ‘great healthcare’
Finger Lakes Times – Letter to the Editor


Monday, October 7

The U.S. wastes 25 percent of its healthcare spending, with up to $935 billion lost every year
Newsweek – News

The huge amount of waste in the U.S. health system
The New York Times – News

Elizabeth Warren has many plans, but on health care, she’s ‘with Bernie’
Bloomberg – News

Mayor Pete Buttigieg targeting big pharma in bid to set health care plan apart
The Daily Beast – News


Saturday, October 5

Will Medicare for all hurt the middle class? Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders struggle with questions about its impact.
The Washington Post – News


Thursday, October 3

Trump will issue an executive order to help attack Medicare for all
The Washington Post – Analysis

Trump to issue executive order ‘protecting’ Americans from Medicare for All campaign proposals pushed by Democrats
CNBC – News

Trump to target Medicare for All proposals in re-election campaign
The Wall Street Journal – News

Poll: Most Democratic voters value focus on “kitchen table concerns”
Axios – Analysis


Wednesday, October 2

Sanders presidential campaign pivots health scare to Medicare for All message
Reuters – News


Tuesday, October 1

Letter: NY Health Act will cut the bureaucracy
Times Union – Letter to the Editor


Monday, September 30

Don’t end private health insurance, 2020 Democrats. People want more choice, not less.
USA Today – Opinion

Elizabeth Warren is more health care cipher than firebrand
Bloomberg – Opinion

European millennials are not like their American counterparts
The Atlantic – Column


Friday, September 27

Americans need more convincing on Medicare for All, poll says
PBS NewsHour – News

Our health care bills are a form of taxation without representation
The Washington Post – Opinion


Thursday, September 26

27% support Medicare for all, though most need more info
HealthLeaders – Analysis

Something’s wrong when health care coverage costs this much
Bloomberg – Opinion

The silent decline of the employer health care market
Axios – Analysis

Why the private health insurance industry faces an existential crisis
Salon – Commentary


Wednesday, September 25

NYHA’s revenue roller coaster
Empire Center – Blog

As health care costs rise, workers at low-wage firms may pay a larger share
Kaiser Health News – Poll

Cost of employer-provided health coverage passes $20,000 a year
The Wall Street Journal – News

Employer health insurance is increasingly unaffordable, study finds
The New York Times – News

Polls: Democratic voters prefer big structural changes over a return to normalcy in 2020
Vox – News

Wiping out medical debt would be a lot harder than Bernie Sanders makes it sound
The Washington Post – Analysis

Buttigieg releases new Iowa ad that knocks ‘Medicare for all’ Democrats
CNN – News

Verma touts MA premium drop, chastises payers for complacency
Healthcare Dive – News

Showing consumers health care pricing could lower costs
The Hill – Opinion


Tuesday, September 24

Fewer voters support universal health care and variations of ‘Medicare for all’
The Hill – News

Sanders targets highest-income Americans with ‘extreme wealth tax’ and ‘national wealth registry’
Politico – News

The bare minimum America could do to expand health coverage
Vox – Column

Column: If you want to save money on healthcare, get sick in some other country
Los Angeles Times – Column

Biden’s bungles attack on Medicare for all
The Washington Post – Analysis


Monday, September 23

Voters opposed ‘Medicare for all’ system that replaces private insurance: poll
Fox News – News

There aren’t enough doctors for Medicare for all
Yahoo Finance – Column

Only a single payer system would fix our health care troubles
The Washington Post – Letter to the Editor

Letter: Recent hospitalization bolsters health care issue
The Buffalo News – Letter to the Editor

Buttigieg’s health plan gets one big thing right
The Washington Post – Opinion

Warren comes under new pressure over Medicare for All and higher taxes
The Hill – News

Between the lines of Bernie Sanders’ plan to eliminate medical debt
Axios – Analysis

Value of care was a big goal. How did it work out?
The New York Times – Opinion


Sunday, September 22

Poll: Voters back Medicare expansion, keeping private insurance
The Hill – News


Saturday, September 21

The real cost of ‘Medicare for All’ could be American lives
NY Post – Opinion


Friday, September 20

Another Voice: Single-payer health care is wrong for NY State
The Buffalo News – Opinion

Commentary: Proposed New York Health Act would be too costly
Times Union – Opinion


Thursday, September 19

Pete Buttigieg: Here’s a better way to do Medicare for all
The Washington Post – Opinion

What to know about Pete Buttigieg’s ‘Medicare for All Who Want It’ health care plan
CNBC – News

Next time, voters want a health care debate that hits closer to home
Morning Consult – Poll

Sanders’s apples-and-oranges comparison on Medicare for all costs
The Washington Post – Analysis

Is America’s health care system a fixer-upper or a teardown?
The New York Times – Commentary


Wednesday, September 18

What Democrats need to learn about Medicare
New York Daily News – Opinion

Warren stumped by Colbert on whether middle class taxes will go up
Fox Business – News