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Health Headlines for Friday, August 31

Technology is changing the way you see a doctor, but is that good for your health?


One morning, Charlie Latuske woke up feverish and somewhat delirious in his home in Surrey in the UK, leaving him unable to function and in need of a doctor.

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Column: Is single-payer health care coming your way?

Albany Business Review Editorial (subscription required)

Brace yourself for yet another chapter in the never-ending health care debate. We are going to be hearing a lot more talk about the promise and the horror of single-payer health care in the coming months.

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Washington’s fall agenda: Pre-existing conditions fight takes center stage in midterms

The Hill

Health care is one of the issues taking center stage in this November’s midterm elections as Democrats press Republicans on preserving protections for pre-existing conditions under ObamaCare.

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To lower drug costs, CMS wants Medicare Part D plans to loosen formularies


In a bid to lower drug costs, the Trump administration is allowing Medicare Part D plans to alter their formularies — or lists of medicines for which insurance coverage is provided — in hopes of encouraging greater negotiation between the plans and drug makers.

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Yes, There’s Hope for Health Care Reform

New York Times Op-Ed

The political divide over the insurance provisions of the Affordable Care Act looks to be unbridgeable for now, but out of public view, Republicans and Democrats are quietly forging a consensus on an even more consequential aspect of medical care: improving its value for all Americans by increasing its quality and lowering its cost.

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