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Health Headlines for Wednesday , September 5

One of Obamacare’s big experiments to lower costs is working surprisingly well


A few years ago, under the authority of the Affordable Care Act, the federal government started an experiment: It would pay hospitals a single amount for surgeries to replace joints like knees and hips instead of paying them for each individual service.

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Medicaid To Introduce Value-Based Drug Pricing


States have often been an incubator for innovative ideas in health technology pricing and reimbursement.

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A New Lawsuit Threatens Obamacare. Here’s What’s at Stake and What to Expect in Oral Arguments.

New York Times

The Affordable Care Act has survived numerous court battles and repeal efforts, but a new case is threatening the law’s future once again.

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Analysts Predict Health Care Marketplace Premiums Will Stabilize For 2019 Coverage


Consumers who buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act markets may be pleasantly surprised this fall as average premiums are forecast to rise much less than in recent years.

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‘Medicare for All’ Would Devastate Bernie’s Home State

National Review

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, along with other single-payer advocates, has argued that the federal government could cover all Americans’ medical needs for much less than they currently spend privately.

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Single payer health care: it’s … wait for it … a waiting game | Opinion

Know News

For a growing number of Americans, the general idea of having the government in charge of health care is increasingly popular. It’s a highly and hotly debated topic.

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