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Health Headlines for Wednesday, August 29

Trump administration to pay New York, Minnesota for lost health-care funds

Washington Post

The Trump administration will pay New York and Minnesota close to half a billion dollars this year after the two states sued over lost federal funding for programs that provide health care to tens of thousands of low-income residents.

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Fewer Americans Without Health Insurance Since Obamacare Debut


Fewer Americans lack health insurance – but the gap remains wide, especially in some pro-Trump states.

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‘Medicare for all’ would decimate New York hospitals

Crain’s New York Business Letter to the Editori

With election season heating up, so is the conversation about single-payer health care. Is it appropriate for New York? Is it appropriate for upstate? What about hospitals?

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4 Ways Telemedicine is Changing Healthcare


The industry of telemedicine is at a tipping point, expanding far beyond interactions between physicians and patients into entirely new ways to deliver healthcare and practice medicine.

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You May Start Seeing Drug Prices In Ads, But Will You Understand The Point?


Late last week, the U.S. Senate passed an amendment to the spending bill that would require pharma companies to disclose the prices of any products they advertise directly to consumers.

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