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Single Payer News: April 30 – May 6, 2019

Monday, May 6

Health policy expert: Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ plan will lead to rationed care, waiting lists
Fox News – Interview

Bennet: Medicare for All supporters ‘need to level with the American people’
Politico – News


Sunday, May 5

The burdens of BernieCare
Wall Street Journal – Editorial Board

Insurers intensify contrast with Bernie’s Medicare for All
Forbes – News

Booker backs ‘Medicare for All’ but pledges ‘pragmatist’ approach
Politico – News


Saturday, May 4

No matter what Sanders says, there’s no Medicare for all without tradeoffs
The Washington Post – Editorial Board

Medicare for All isn’t realistic, but we could learn from a 1990s military experiment
USA Today – Opinion

Friday, May 3

Obamacare isn’t paving the way to single-payer
National Review – Commentary

Newsom goes national with universal health care ads – and not everyone is thrilled
Politico – News

Why ‘Medicare for all’ is doomed
Yahoo Finance – News

Cigna CEO on ‘Medicare for all’ – We’re ‘well-positioned’ for a variety of scenarios
Yahoo Finance – News


Thursday, May 2

What happened to New York’s plans for single-payer health care?
The Nation – Commentary

Medicare-for-all could increase patient wait times, reduce access to care – CBO
Fox Business – News

CBO analysis shows single-payer health system would be messy
The Washington Post – Analysis

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet announces 2020 Democratic presidential campaign
Time Magazine – News


Wednesday, May 1

Rally pushes support for New York Health Act
Spectrum News – News

‘Medicare for All’ gets much-awaited report. Both sides can claim victory
The New York Times – News

‘Medicare for All’ system could be complicated, potentially disruptive, say budget analysts
USA Today – News

Medicare for all plans get a reality check
The Washington Post – News

Medicare for All could trim costs, impede care, report says
The Wall Street Journal – News

CBO’s report on single-payer health care holds more questions than answers
Kaiser Health News – News

House Democrats introduce moderate Medicare expansion plan
The Hill – News

Why don’t ‘Medicare for All’ plans include Americans living abroad?
PBS News Hour – News

With a dig at single payer, Humana’s Medicare advantage business booms
Forbes – News

New CBO analysis could torpedo Medicare-for-all proposals
The Washington Post – Opinion

Why the ‘Medicare for All’ hearing is an important moment in the health care debate
The Wall Street Journal – News


Tuesday, April 30

3 key moments from the House’s first-ever Medicare-for-all hearing
Vox – News

Democrats paper over rifts at ‘Medicare for All’ hearing
Politico – News

Gingerly, Democrats give ‘Medicare for All’ an official moment
The New York Times – News

An Australian perspective on a California single-payer healthcare system
San Francisco Examiner – Opinion

House Democrats to hold 1st Medicare-for-all hearing
ABC News – News

‘Medicare for All’ will get its first formal hearing
CNN – News

Medicare-for-all champions might not hear what they want at first Hill hearing today
The Washington Post – Analysis

Medicare for All government chokehold would be even worse than private insurance: doctor
USA Today – Opinion

Democrats pepper voters with competing health care ideas
The Wall Street Journal – News

Two kinds of Medicare for All
Bloomberg – Editorial Board

Medicare for All would also be expensive for all
Bloomberg – Opinion

Medicare for All: Can Bernie Sanders overhaul US healthcare?
BBC – News