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Single Payer News: April 22 – April 29, 2019

Monday, April 29

Why Vermont’s single-payer effort failed and what Democrats can learn from it
The Washington Post – News

Washington State holds off single-payer health insurance
The Heartland Institute – Analysis

Dems’ single-payer health care bill raises these serious questions
Fox News – Opinion

Medicare for Kids, a cheap step toward single-payer health care, explained
Vox – News

Universal health care might cost you less than you think
New York Times – Opinion

Report: Medicare for All would cost $60 trillion over first decade
The Heartland Institute – Analysis


Sunday, April 28

As Bernie threatens, insurers respond with more Medicare benefits
Forbes – News


Saturday, April 27

Direct care plans could alleviate problem of high deductible plans – if Congress would fix the law
The Hill – Opinion


Friday, April 26

Biden to face pressure on Medicare for All
The Hill – News

AP/NORC Poll: Democrats have health care edge ahead of 2020
ABC News – News


Thursday, April 25

No state Senate single-payer vote before 2020
City & State – News

Rivera: Senate won’t vote on single-payer before hearings
Crain’s – News

Single-payer health care: rhetoric versus reality
The Heritage Foundation – Report

CBO to release report on single-payer health care next week
The Hill – News

Single-payer advocates worry ‘Medicare for All’ hearing could be a ‘farce’
Huffington Post – News

Most Americans don’t want Congress to overhaul health care, despite ‘Medicare for All’ plans, GOP push to repeal Obamacare
CNBC – News


Wednesday, April 24

The Fallacy of Medicare for All
Fortune – Opinion

Single-Payer healthcare: Costs and benefits
Olean Times Herald – Opinion


Tuesday, April 23

Letter: Medicare for All Isn’t What Europe Offers
Wall Street Journal – Opinion

Democrats set first-ever hearing on Medicare for All Act
Washington Examiner – News

Larry Kudlow slams “Medicare for All,” says current system is “OK”
CBS News – News

Sen. Amy Klobuchar outlines plan that sidesteps ‘Medicare for All’
Newsweek – News

Democrats, just say no to the ‘free stuff’ crowd
Washington Post – Opinion

Another Voice: Single-payer health insurance would boost small businesses
The Buffalo News – Opinion


Monday, April 22

How the ‘Medicare for All’ messaging battle can be won, or lost
Morning Consult – News

Something is missing from media-fawning Buttigieg campaign – his stance on major issues
Jewish World Review – Opinion

Letter: Single-payer healthcare would be better
Newsday – Opinion