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Health Headlines for April 21, 2023

NYC health chief warns of “shorter, less healthy lives” without action
City and state new york 

A recent report found that average life expectancy declined 4.6 years between 2019 and 2020. But Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan said that COVID-19 wasn’t the only driver of those lost years.

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Executive compensation at hospitals rose throughout the pandemic

Barry Ostrowsky, former president and CEO of RWJBarnabas, earned more than $16 million in the second year of the pandemic, making him the highest paid hospital executive in the New York area, a Crain’s analysis of its annual list of highest paid hospital executives and doctors found.

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Nearly 7 million New Yorkers enrolled through health marketplace
state of politics

One in three New Yorkers receives health care coverage through the state’s marketplace, a key feature of the Affordable Care Act that enables people to purchase individual plans.

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Moving Medicare from hospital to home

CAN AT-HOME CARE SAVE MEDICARE? A new bill from Reps. Adrian Smith (R-Neb.) and Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) marks a rare, bipartisan collaboration on a potential solution to Medicare’s financing problem, POLITICO’s Ben Leonard and Erin report.

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Big pharma’s patent cliff is fast approaching
The economist

A price tag of $10.8bn would look hefty for most acquisitions of smallish and newish companies. But for Merck, a drugs giant known as msd outside America, the money it is spending to buy Prometheus Biosciences, a biotech firm based in California, is relatively small change.

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