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Health Headlines for August 17, 2022

New york City health commissioner on concerns about polio and monkeypox
CBS News

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says polio may have been spreading in the state since April.

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Over-the-counter hearing aids expected this fall in US
Associated Press

The Food and Drug Administration says the regulation creates a new class of hearing aids that don’t require a medical exam, a prescription and other specialty evaluations.

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Buy medicine or food? NY’s food insecurity crisis tied to poor health
Democrat & Chronicle

A new survey dives deep into the lived experiences of New Yorkers who are food insecure and contrasts them with the food-secure population and the impact on health.

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New York reproductive care eroding amid Catholic-secular hospital mergers
Times Union

Access to common reproductive health services is shrinking in much of the state due to mergers between secular and Catholic-run health care facilities.

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West Nile virus detected in 2 New York City residents, record number of mosquitos
CBS New York

Health officials say there are two human cases in Queens and Brooklyn, and the virus has been detected in a record number of mosquitoes across all five boroughs.

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