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Health Headlines for July 18, 2022

As Big Pharma loses interest in new antibiotics, infections are only growing stronger
Kaiser Health News

Most of the drug companies that successfully brought a drug to market in the past decade went bankrupt or left the antibiotics business because of poor sales.

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Here’s why your health insurance premiums are going up
Albany Business Review – Opinion

The Covid-19 crisis, increasing prescription drug prices, and state and federal mandates on health insurance are driving up the cost of coverage for New Yorkers.

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The FTC is blocking hospital mergers. How far will the agency go to stop health care prices from increasing?
USA Today

Although hospital mergers were supposed to improve efficiency, experts agree the creation of huge hospital networks has driven up the cost of medical care.

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New York to receive additional monkeypox vaccine doses
Spectrum News

New York state will receive more than 32,000 additional doses as advocates and lawmakers criticize what they have called a fumbling response to the outbreak.

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