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Health Headlines for May 31, 2022

More financial burdens: State lawmakers’s proposed bill would increase insurance costs
Watertown Daily Times

Editorial Board: The “Reinvest in NY Healthcare Act” would inflict more hardship on New Yorkers. Don’t let them add to the problem of inflation by passing this bill.

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As the session winds down, watch for health costs to go up
Empire Center

The closing days of session could prove costly for consumers as lawmakers push proposals that would make  health coverage more expensive, harder to find, or both.

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Possibility of self-prescribed, self-administered hormonal birth control
The Capitol Pressroom

In an attempt to make contraception more accessible, Democratic state lawmakers are proposing a pathway for women to essentially write their own prescriptions.

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Senate to pass abortion package, but constitutional amendment undecided
Politico Pro

The state Senate will vote on a series of bills that seek to bolster protections for abortion providers and patients who travel to New York for the procedures.

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