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Health Headlines for May 2, 2022

Advocacy group pushes bill to require insurance coverage for hearing aids
Times Union

An advocacy group pushing for legislation to mandate insurance coverage for children who need hearing aids met with lawmakers to urge the Legislature to take action on the measures.

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Upstate NY’s Covid-19 surge is spreading. When will it stop? What we know (and don’t)
Democrat & Chronicle

What began as a seemingly isolated outbreak in Central New York and the Finger Lakes in early April has since rapidly spread across much of the state.

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Single Payer health care wrong prescription for America
Boston Herald (Opinion)

“More than 95% of New Yorkers already have health insurance. Why tear down a health insurance system, at such great cost, that successfully covers more than nine in 10 of the state’s residents?”

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Officials are nervous about mask mandates – even in Covid hot spots
Politico NY

More than two years after New York became the global epicenter for the Covid-19 pandemic, the state once again finds itself near the top of the list of U.S. hotspots.

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Providers need to encourage preventative care and wellness visits to fully emerge from the pandemic
Crain’s NY (Opinion)

“Staying up to date on preventive care, chronic condition management and mental health concerns will be critical to mitigating the potentially long-lingering effects of the pandemic.”

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