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Health Headlines for February 1, 2022

Gov. Hochul calls on Feds to issue guidance for all insurance companies to cover family Covid consulations

CBS New York

Hochul wants the federal government to issue guidance for insurance companies to cover consultations about COVID-19 vaccinations for families, and she wants insurers to cover incentives.

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California universal health care bill dies without a vote


California Democrats failed to gather enough support to advance a government-funded universal health care system.

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Bill extending health care coverage to undocumented New Yorkers advances

State of Politics

The New York State Conference of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans says expanding coverage to undocumented immigrants can lead to universal coverage.

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Drugmakers raised prices by 6.6% on average early this year

Wall Street Journal

Drugmakers raised list prices by an average of 6.6% in the first few weeks of this year on cancer, diabetes and other prescription medicines.

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