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Health Headlines for November 10, 2021

Insurers pay steep markups for hospital drugs


Hospitals are charging private health insurers “considerable markups” on highly used outpatient drugs, according to a new study.

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3 CNY hospitals played hardball with patients who owe money by slapping liens on their homes

Three CNY nonprofit hospitals were among the most aggressive in New York state when it came to putting liens on the homes of patients who owed them money, according to a report

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‘Strong’ start to kids vaccine campaign

Associated Press

About 900,000 kids aged 5-11 will have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in their first week of eligibility, the White House said.

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Singapore will stop covering the medical bills of unvaccinated COVID-19 patients


Singapore’s government has been covering the medical bills of COVID-19 patients—but it says unvaccinated people will soon be on their own.

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Safety nets kept U.S. uninsured rate steady during pandemic, HHS says


Enrollment in Medicaid during the COVID-19 pandemic grew 16%, with more than 11 million additional Americans signing up.

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