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Health Headlines for June 8, 2021

New York Health Act has the votes; but will it pass?

Spectrum News 1

Single Payer advocates are demanding the passage of the New York Health Act before the end of the legislative year in just a few days.

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As a satisfied Medicare member, the idea of single payer health care terrifies me

Empire Report

Opinion: a new government-run system that takes away my Medicare is not the answer.

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Two opioid bills make their way to Cuomo’s desk

Crain’s NY

Two bills targeting the opioid crisis have made their way to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk, having passed the state Senate on Thursday.

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Maya Wiley unveils $1B plan to create city-sponsored health insurance

Politico NY

Wiley unveiled a plan that would create New York City-sponsored health insurance for low-income and undocumented New Yorkers.

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Medicaid is a hassle for doctors. That’s hurting patients.


A new study challenges the conventional wisdom on why many doctors refuse to take Medicaid patients.

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