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Health Headlines for November 16, 2020

800,000 People Sign Up for Insurance During First Week of ACA Enrollment

Fierce Healthcare

The robust start to open enrollment, which began on Nov. 1, comes even during a presidential election.

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Five Health Policy Issues for CFOs to Watch Under a Biden Administration

The Wall Street Journal

Policy changes in Washington related to billing or telehealth could affect companies’ insurance costs

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Red States’ Case Against ACA Hinges on Whether They Were Actually Harmed by the Law

Kaiser Health News

If the states cannot prove they have standing, the justices can toss their case without ruling on its merits.

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New York Needs Money for Vaccine Distribution, Cuomo Says

Spectrum News

“New York State already has a $15 billion deficit. The federal government has been starving state and local governments and they know it.”

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Think Obamacare Health Plans Cost A Lot? That’s Not Always True

The New York Times

Millions lost their insurance, along with their jobs, during the pandemic. But many people are eligible for financial help.

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