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Single Payer in the News: January 23 – February 9, 2020

Sunday, February 9

In fierce debate, Democratic candidates expand health agenda arguments
Kaiser Health News – News

Unlike rivals, Buttigieg health plan reduces deficit and covers 30M
Forbes – Column


Saturday, February 8

Fact check: Dems skew health care, Iraq facts in debate
Associated Press – News

Why employers are flirting with the public options
Politico – News


Friday, February 7

Red and blue America see eye-to-eye on one issue: the nation’s health care system needs fixing
USA Today – News

Nevada union warns members of Sanders, Warren health plans
Associated Press – News

I hated Bernie Bros until I loved and lost one
Elle – Commentary


Thursday, February 6

How Pete Buttigieg’s health care strategy helped him gain traction in the Iowa caucus
The Washington Post – Analysis

Why doctors are fighting their professional organization over Medicare for All
The Nation – Opinion

Catastrophic, not universal, health care coverage is best practical option for Americans
Detroit Free Press – Opinion


Wednesday, February 5

Buck Bernie: The choice for Democrats is stark and fateful
NY Daily News – Editorial Board

Cobb explains support for Medicare public option
Adirondack Daily Enterprise – News


Tuesday, February 4

Health care is the top issue for Iowa caucus-goers, entrance polls show
CNN – News

A top restaurateur thinks single payer health care could boost his bottom line
NPR – News

Most Iowa Democratic caucus-goers support a single payer health care plan
The Washington Post – News

40% of Iowa caucus-goers said health care was their top priority
Axios – Analysis


Monday, February 3

Would your wages rise under Medicare for All?
New York Times – News

The Medicaid solution no one is talking about
Gotham Gazette – Opinion


Sunday, February 2

Bernie’s Medicare for All faces big test at tonight’s Iowa caucuses
Forbes – News


Saturday, February 1

Health care stocks won’t feel the Bern for long
Wall Street Journal – News


Wednesday, January 28

NY24 candidate: health care is our generation’s problem to solve – Opinion

In the UK’s health system, rationing isn’t a dirty word
Vox – News

California reopens the single payer debate
Kaiser Health News – News


Tuesday, January 27

The Fiscal Effects of the Public Option
Tom Church, Daniel L. Heil, Lanhee J. Chen, PhD – Report

Letter: Government capacity stops at health care
The Buffalo News – Opinion

Sanders: ‘Impossible to predict’ what plans cost
Fox Business – News