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Single Payer News: December 17 – December 31, 2019

Monday, December 30

Lawmakers face an uphill climb on single payer in 2020
Politico NY – News


Friday, December 27

In the U.S., an angioplasty costs $32,000. Elsewhere? Maybe $6,400.
The New York Times – News


Monday, December 23

Why some unions are nervous about Medicare for All
Los Angeles Times – News


Sunday, December 22

Abortion. Transgender rights. Voting access. Polarizing issues could dominate statehouse agendas in 2020.
The Washington Post – News

Hospitals, not drugs, are the big driver of healthcare costs
New York Post – Editorial Board


Friday, December 20

Letter: Government health care would bring total disaster
The Buffalo News – Letter to the Editor

Gov. Newsom is right: Study hybrid health systems, not just Medicare for All
The San Diego Union-Tribune – Editorial Board

Democrats debate whether Medicare for All is ‘realistic’
Kaiser Health News – News

Sanders, Biden spar over Medicare for All
The Hill – News

Democratic presidential candidates get testy over Medicare for All
Los Angeles Times – News

Examining claims from the 2020 Democratic debate
Associated Press – Fact Check

Transcript: The December Democratic debate
The Washington Post – News

Pete Buttigieg’s campaign is pitting its public option against Medicare for All
Vox – News

Michael Bloomberg’s healthcare plan: a ‘public option’ and caps on patient fees
The New York Times – News

How Mike Bloomberg would expand health coverage
Politico – News

Bloomberg swipes at Warren in unveiling new health plan, staking out center ground
ABC News – News


Thursday, December 19

6 questions Sanders and Warren haven’t answered about Medicare for All
USA Today – Opinion

6 big questions ahead of Democrats’ final debate of 2019
Associated Press – News

The real difference between the 2020 Democrats’ health care plans, explained
Vox – News

Americans want the health care system to change. Just not their own health care.
FiveThirtyEight – News

Replacing a system beyond repair
The Hill – News

‘A stable political base:’ Biden remains at the top of the Dem field, NBC/WSJ poll finds
NBC News – News


Wednesday, December 18

Did Medicare for All already lose?
The Washington Post – Opinion


Tuesday, December 17

Doctors win again, in cautionary tale for Democrats
The New York Times – News

A CT scan costs $1,100 in the US – and $140 in Holland
Vox – News

Warren backs down on Medicare for All, now says it’s a ‘choice’
Bloomberg – News

Warren sensibly avoids Medicare for All fantasy world
NY Magazine – Column

Here’s where the Democratic debate candidates stand on healthcare
Los Angeles Times – News

How Andrew Yang would improve health care
Politico – News