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Single Payer News: November 18 – December 9

Monday, December 9

Albany progressives face bad budget realities next year
Crain’s NY – News

Democratic lawmakers’ big plans for health care
City & State NY – News

Medicare for All would improve hospital financing
Health Affairs – Blog


Friday, December 6

Hodgson Russ industry roundtable: health care
Albany Business Journal – News

There’s nothing wrong with US health care that less money couldn’t fix
HealthAffairs – Blog


Thursday, December 5

Why did Democratic candidates get stampeded into endorsing Berniecare?
NY Magazine – Column

The most consequential moment of the 2020 primary
Politico – News

Can Bernie Sanders solve the Democrats’ Medicare for All dilemma?
NY Magazine – Column

Elizabeth Warren’s once surging campaign mixes it up as she faces a winter cold front
CNN – News


Wednesday, December 4

Americans still favor private healthcare system
Gallop – Poll

The Democrats’ Medicare mess
Vox – News

Is a single payer health care system politically feasible for the US?
WBUR – News

Democrats could lost to Trump if they abandon Obamacare and private health insurance
USA Today – Opinion


Tuesday, December 3

Powerful House panel to hold Medicare for All hearing next week
The Hill – News

Biden: majority of Democratic enthusiasm isn’t around Medicare for All
The Hill – News

Biden steps up hits on Buttigieg, Warren over health care
Associated Press – News

Michael Bennet says he’s shifting national health care debate. But even in his home state, there’s pushback.
Colorado Sun – News

New Mexico to study if (state-level) Medicare for All plan is feasible
Santa Fe New Mexican – News

Pete Buttigieg’s new plan targets social factors in health care
Yahoo Finance – News

Why the less disruptive health care option could be plenty disruptive
The New York Times – News

Candidates are betting big on health. Is that what voters really want?
Kaiser Health News – News

In Nova Scotia, Canada’s universal health care beset by access issues
WBUR – News

Biden says Buttigieg ‘stole’ his healthcare plan
Reuters – News


Monday, December 2

Democrats double down on health care prices
Axios – News

Medicare for All won’t fix soaring health care costs
Central Maine – Opinion

Fact: U.S. health care costs a lot, but delivers results
The Heritage Foundation – Commentary


Sunday, December 1

Joe Mahoney: With single payer health, a progressive gain would be a Cuomo migraine
Niagara Gazette – Opinion

Richard Brodsky: Warren’s campaigning on the issues. It’s the right approach.
Times Union – Opinion

Why Democratic voters can’t make up their minds
The Washington Post – Opinion


Saturday, November 30

How a fight over health care entangled Elizabeth Warren – and reshaped the Democratic presidential race
The Washington Post – News

The #5 reason Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All single payer plan is a singularly bad idea
Forbes – Commentary


Friday, November 29

As Buttigieg rises, insurers offer more Medicare benefits
Forbes – News

Moderate muscle rises against Dems’ 2020 left
Axios – News


Tuesday, November 26

New York lawmakers mull single payer health care
The Daily Star – News

NY Health Act supporters rally before state hearing in Kingston
Daily Freeman – News

Democrats defend single payer hearings amid GOP charges of partiality
Politico – News

Democrats increasingly vocal in calling Medicare for All a political liability
The New York Times – News

Medicare for All’s jobs problem
Politico – News

Would Medicare for All really save money?
Politico – News

No, Medicare for All won’t save money
Politico – Opinion

Democratic hopefuls face growing scrutiny over health plans
The Wall Street Journal – News

What New Hampshire voters are and are not telling us
The Washington Post – News

The #1 reason Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All plan is a singularly bad idea
Forbes – Commentary


Friday, November 22

What I learned as a Canadian reporting on healthcare in America – and what Americans can learn from Canada
Business Insider – News


Thursday, November 21

Researcher warns of costs, outcomes with single-payer health care
Politico Pro

Transcript: The November Democratic debate
The Washington Post – News

Do 160 million Americans really like their health plans? Kind of.
Kaiser Health News – Analysis

5 takeaways from the November Democratic debate
The New York Times – Analysis

In this Democratic debate, health care issues took a back seat
Kaiser Health News – News

Democrats spar at debate over health care, how to beat Trump
Associated Press – News

Fact check: Claims from the Democratic debate
Associated Press – Analysis

Debate crowd erupts in laughs as Sanders chimes in ‘I wrote the damn bill’ on Medicare for All
The Hill – News


Wednesday, November 20

Healthcare tangles in Democratic White House race could carry risk in 2020, polls show
Reuters – News

Next Democratic debate: the top four vs everyone else
The New York Times – News

Tonight’s Democratic debate: when it is and what to watch for
The New York Times – News

The issues that got the most time at the debates so far
The New York Times – News

Seven key questions heading into the 2020 Democratic debate
Associated Press – News

Nine things to look for ahead of tonight’s Democratic debate
CNN – News

The Democratic debates are a fantasy world
The Atlantic – Opinion

How new technology can help rein in health care costs
CNBC – Interview

Ady Barkan, activist with ALS, endorses Elizabeth Warren for president
CNN – News


Tuesday, November 19

NY-21: Cobb on three issues at her campaign kickoff
State of Politics – News

Does Gavin Newsom have the answer to Democrats’ health care fights?
Politico – News

Americans have questions about Medicare for All. Canadians have answers.
The Washington Post – News

Majority of Iowa Democrats prefer option other than Medicare for All, poll finds
US News and World Report – News

The furor over Medicare for All ignores a key question
The Washington Post – Opinion

Elizabeth Warren’s health care evolution has earned her friends on the left, but foes in her home state
STAT – News

Progressives are suddenly really mad at Elizabeth Warren
Vice – News

Where Democratic presidential candidates stand on Medicare for All ahead of next debate
Reuters – News


Monday, November 18

Doing the health care two-step
The New York Times – Column

Everything you need to know about the next Democratic debate
The Washington Post – News

How Tom Steyer would secure universal health care coverage
Politico – News

Warren’s ‘Medicare for All’ plan reignites health care clash
Associated Press – News

Cramer: Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Medicare for All’ delay shows ‘she is not as left as you thought’
CNBC – News