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Single Payer News: June 27 – July 3, 2019

Wednesday, July 3

Some Democrats talk about cosmetic surgery insurance. It doesn’t exist.
The New York Times – News

Would Medicare for all mean hospitals for none?
The Washington Post – Analysis

No one really wants to ban all private insurance. Not even Bernie Sanders.
The Week – Opinion


Tuesday, July 2

Poll: Most favor Medicare for all if they can keep their doctors
The Hill – News

CNN panelist misses the mark on GOP support of Medicare for all
PolitiFact – Analysis


Monday, July 1

Connections: NYS Assemblymembers discuss the end of the legislative session
WXXI News – Interview

Breaking down 2020 Democrats’ health care plans
Newsy – Interview

Medicare for All won’t deliver what Democrats promise
The Hill – Opinion

Democrats have lurched leftward on health benefits for undocumented immigrants
The Washington Post – Analysis

Three Democratic deceptions on health care during the debates
Fox News – Opinion


Sunday, June 30

We need more competition and innovation to bring healthcare costs down
Forbes – Opinion

Bernie Sanders says U.S. must guarantee healthcare for all Americans, touts Medicare for All
Newsweek – News


Saturday, June 29

Democrats obsess over health insurers when they should fight doctors and hospitals
New York Magazine – Opinion


Friday, June 28

Kamala Harris’s raised hand reveals the fraught politics of Medicare for all
Vox – News

Democrat vs. Democrat: How health care is dividing the party
The New York Times – News

Where is Kamala Harris on Medicare for All vs private insurance?
The New York Times – News

Single payer health care should be dead upon arrival
The Heartland Institute – Research and Commentary

The Democratic debate further revealed the potential minefield that is single payer
Los Angeles Times – Editorial Opinion

It’s official: Medicare for all is a defining issue in the Democratic primary
The Washington Post – Analysis

Fact-checking the first Democratic debate (night 2)
The Washington Post – Analysis

Democratic candidates dive into complicated health policy – with uneven results
The Washington Post – News

2 Harris fact checks: On Medicare for all and emergency cash
The Washington Post – Analysis

Bernie Sanders cannot answer key question about Medicare for all: How to get it done
CNN – Analysis

2 nights, 10 health takeaways from the Democratic debates
Forbes – Column

Why nurses are going door-to-door for Medicare for all
GQ – Interview

Gillibrand pushes hard to be heard on crowded debate stage
City & State – News


Thursday, June 27

What will New York Democrats do for an encore in 2020?
Politico – News

The question that separated the serious from the ridiculous
The Washington Post – Opinion

Sanders, Harris only Dem debates to favor eliminating private health insurance
The Hill – News

“Medicare for all” vs “Medicare for all who want it” at the Democratic debate, explained
Vox – News

Should ‘Medicare for all’ be mandatory? Democrats spar on stage
Bloomberg – News

Delaney’s debate claim that ‘Medicare for all’ will shutter hospitals goes overboard
Kaiser Health News – Analysis

Sanders admits he would raise taxes on the middle class to pay for programs
Yahoo News – News

De Blasio wants to abolish private health insurance, but lacks a specific plan
Politico – News