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Health Headlines for June 24, 2019

Dispute-resolution, formulary-change bills pass Legislature


Two pieces of closely watched health care legislation saw success in the state Legislature at the very end of the session.

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How the Democratic candidates responded to a health care policy survey

The New York Times

When the 2020 candidates were asked the best way to improve the health care system, a split in the field was revealed.

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Trump aims at health cost transparency with executive order


The idea is to give patients more information earlier and is part of broader efforts to make health care more transparent, although certain measures could have the opposite effect.

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Supreme Court to consider whether federal government owes billions to healthcare providers

The Washington Post

The Supreme Court will review another controversy involving the Affordable Care Act, this one involving health-care providers who say the federal government owes them billions of dollars.

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O’Rourke proposes new ‘war tax’ to fund veteran health care

Associated Press

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is pledging to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and help create a federal health care fund.

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