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Single Payer News: May 14 – May 20, 2019

Monday, May 20

Large employers don’t want Medicare-for-all
The Washington Post – Analysis

Employers are the ‘sleeping giants’ in battle to control health costs
Crain’s New York – News


Sunday, May 19

Healthcare reform: Where’s the push for more innovation?
Forbes – Commentary


Friday, May 17

The 2019 session countdown
City & State – News

France’s health-care system was ranked as the world’s best – Here’s how it compares with the US’
CNBC – News

Democrats grapple with fully embracing Medicare for All
Associated Press – News


Thursday, May 16

‘Medicare for All’ could kill two million jobs, and that’s OK
New York Times – Opinion

Where all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates stand on health care
CBS News – News

Does Biden really understand that health care is a ‘big f*ing deal?’
New York Magazine – Commentary


Wednesday, May 15

Gottfried sees hope for single-payer care
The Villager – News

Poll: ‘Medicare for All’ support is high – but complicated
RealClear Politics – Analysis


Tuesday, May 14

Did the left misread the 2020 Democratic primary?
Politico – Analysis

Does ‘Medicare for All’ end private insurance? Depends on which candidate you ask
NBC News – News

Kamala Harris’s claim that Medicare-for-all ‘doesn’t get rid of all insurance’
The Washington Post – Fact Checker

Kamala Harris flip-flops on private health insurance and says she wants undocumented immigrants to get Medicare
Business Insider – News

Washington to become first state to offer public health insurance
Huffington Post – News

Meet presidential candidate Tim Ryan
Yahoo Finance – News

Medicare’s uncertain future may be decided in 2020
Forbes – Commentary

Wary of Medicare for all, Democrats seek easier paths to universal coverage
LA Times – News