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New York State of Health Enrolls 4.7 Million for 2019

More than 4.7 million New Yorkers enrolled in health coverage through the NY State of Health Marketplace in 2019, according to the latest report. That is an increase of more than 435,000 people from 2018. Enrollment is now at its highest point ever, and Essential Plan and Qualified Health Plan enrollment reached record levels of more than 1 million people. Less than 5% of the people in New York State are without health insurance.

NY State of Health’s Small Business Marketplace also saw record insurer and employer participation in 2019. The number of small employers participating in the SBM has grown to over 12,000, an increase of 465% since April 2018.

New Yorkers in every county have a broad choice of affordable and quality health plan options through the Marketplace . Twelve health insurers offer Qualified Health Plans (QHP) to individuals and nine also offer plans to small businesses. Throughout the 2019 Open Enrollment Period, most QHP consumers had a choice of at least four individual market insurer options. Sixteen health insurers offer coverage to Essential Plan enrollees through the Marketplace, while 18 insurers offer Medicaid and 16 offer Child Health Plus (CHP). Eleven insurers participate in all individual market programs offered through NY State of Health.

The report found that 63% of marketplace enrollees were below age 35 compared with 37% who were older than 35. Also, 53% of enrollees were women, 47% were men.