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Poll: Most American’s Don’t Want Congress to Overhaul Health Care

As lawmakers in Washington debate the future of health care, the majority of Americans don’t think Congress should overhaul the entire system. A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds that voters would rather see lawmakers focus on protecting pre-existing conditions and addressing rising prescription drug costs and surprise medical bills.


The biggest issue for Americans? High drug costs. 68% of people polled said Congress should take targeted actions to lower the cost of prescription drugs. 64% believe lawmakers should focus on protecting pre-existing conditions and 50% want lawmakers to tackle surprise medical bills.

When it comes to broader reforms, less than a third of people polled believe Congress should implement a national Medicare-for-all plan, while only a quarter believe lawmakers should repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

The KFF poll shows Americans are more concerned about rising medical costs than access to health care. It’s further evidence that a single payer system is not necessary.