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Single Payer News: April 9 – April 15, 2019

Tuesday, April 9

There are so many flaws with ‘Medicare for all’
The Hill – Opinion


Wednesday, April 10

Would ‘Medicare for All’ save billions or cost billions?
NY Times – Analysis

Health 202: Bernie Sanders is about to roll out an even more expansive Medicare for all bill
Washington Post – Analysis

Bernie Sanders relaunches ‘Medicare for All’ bill amid 2020 campaign
Boston Globe – News

How your health care would change under ‘Medicare for All’
Axios – News

Bernie Sanders’s Medicare-for-all plan, explained
Vox – News

Sanders unveils revamped ‘Medicare for All’ plan
Politico – News

Sanders adds long-term care to his ‘Medicare for All’ plan
The Washington Post – News

Bernie Sanders introduces ‘Medicare for All bill. Here’s what it says
Fortune – News

Editorial: Single payer system just too expensive
Chicago Tribune – Opinion


Thursday, April 11

GOP eyes ‘Medicare for All’ vote to highlight Democratic splits
Politico – News

Why Europeans don’t get huge medical bills
The Atlantic – News

Purity vs. Pragmatism, Environment vs. Health
NY Times – Opinion

Top Senate Dem stops short of embracing ‘Medicare for All’
ABC News – News 

Bernie Sanders unveils Medicare for All proposal, suggests role of health care insurers would be reduced to ‘nose jobs’
Fox News – News


Friday, April 12

Medicare for All is a distant dream. Here’s how to start fixing health care right now.
USA Today – Opinion

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber: Single-payer healthcare isn’t happening
Fox Business – News


Saturday, April 13

Explaining Sanders’ Medicare-for-All proposal
NPR – News


Sunday, April 14

Opinion: The Democrats embrace Medicare for All
Wall Street Journal – Opinion


Monday, April 15

Sanders’s Medicare for All goes too far
Bloomberg – Opinion

How Medicare for All could impact employers
Axios – News

Limitations will come with Medicare for All
Tribune Chronicle – Editorial

What Australia can teach America about health care
Vox – News

Sanders town hall audience surprises Bret Bair with how much they like Bernie’s health care plan
Vox – News

2020 is the Democrats’ to lose – and they very well may
The Hill – Opinion