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Health Headlines for Wednesday, March 20

What is Ailing New York’s Hospitals?

NY Daily News

These should be boom times for New York’s hospitals, yet almost half of the state’s hospitals are operating in the red.

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Healthcare Professionals are Hard to Find in Hot Labor Market


The skills gap in the health care sector, now the largest U.S. industry, is greater than the gap in the overall economy.

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Legislature Moves to Create Maternal Mortality Review Board

Times Union

The board would be tasked with monitoring maternal mortality and crafting strategies to improve health outcomes.

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FDA Approves first Drug For Postpartum Depression

The NY Times

The medication works quickly but comes with a hefty price tag and stay in a medical center.

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PRescription Drug Prices Are Out Of Control (Opinion)


Congressional lawmakers on both sides of the aisle appear to agree — at least in principle — that something needs to be done about out-of-control prescription drug prices.

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