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Single Payer News: February 26 – March 4, 2019

Monday, March 4

The New York Health Act Just Became Even More Expensive
Forbes – News

Governors Are Laying the Groundwork for Single-Payer
Inside Sources – News

Most 2020 Hopefuls Not Ready to Bust the Filibuster to Push Party Agenda
WBUR – News


Sunday, March 3

Andrew Cuomo’s Case for 2020 – No, Really
The Atlantic – News

A Dose of Moderation Would Help Democrats
NYT – Opinion (David Leonhardt)

Sanders Says His ‘Crazy and Extreme’ Ideas Ignited a ‘Political Revolution’
Huffington Post – News

A bigger challenge to Democrats than socialists: Their liberal Republicans 
Washington Post – Opinion (E.J. Dionne Jr)

Doctors Support ‘Medicare for Some’
Forbes – News

Democrats’ biggest Obamacare scare tactic was just completely debunked
Fox News – Opinion (Justin Haskins)


Friday, March 1

Richard Gottfried’s health-care crusade is paying off
The Nation – News

Medicare for All loses momentum among Democrats
Wall Street Journal – News

Tracking public opinion on National Health Plan: Interactive
Kaiser – Poll


Thursday, February 28

An American got sick in Taiwan. He came back with a tale of the ‘horrors of socialized medicine’
The Washington Post – News

The Coming Budget Fight
State of Politics – News

Pelosi on single-payer health care: ‘How do you pay for that?’
The Hill – News

Establishment Dems give Medicare-for-All the brush off
Politico – News

House unveils news ‘Medicare-for-all’ bill. But what does that mean?
ABC News – News

‘Medicare for all’ is popular, but it’s likely doomed to fail
LA Times – Opinion (Robert Pearl)


Wednesday, February 27

Saying no to the nurses: California Democrats aren’t pushing government-run health care this year
The Sacramento Bee – News

New California lawmaker puts his face on Medicare for all – and a target on his back 
McClatchy – News

Democrats who no longer support ‘Medicare for All’ bill have lots of excuses
Huffington Post – News

How would a single payer health care system work? The Medicare-for-All bill pushes for one
Bustle – News

Three reasons doctors should support ‘Medicare for All’
The Hill – Opinion (Sanjeev Sriram)

Medicare-for-all bill: Why you should be very concerned
Fox Business – Opinion (Marilyn Singleton)


Tuesday, February 26

What would ‘Medicare for All’ do to Medicare?
NYT – News

Medicare for All bill unveiled: ‘Complete transformation’ of health care
NBC News – News

Medicare-for-all: Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s new bill, explained
Vox – News

U.S. House Democrats introduce sweeping ‘Medicare for All’ bill
Reuters – News

House Democrats to release ‘Medicare for All’ bill – without a price tag
Politico – News

For Kamala Harris, a strong start, but with some notable stumbles
NYT – News