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Health Headlines for Thursday, November 8

House Dems In New Seats Of Power Will Steer Health Policy, Attack Drug Prices

Kaiser Health News

For the first time since passing the Affordable Care Act, Democrats will soon control the House of Representatives and its powerful health committees.

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U.S. companies team up with hospitals to reduce employee maternity costs


General Electric Co (GE.N) and other large companies are trying to chip away at rising childbirth costs for U.S. employees, working directly with hospitals to reduce cesarean sections and related complications.

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Obama’s health insurance overhaul a winner in midterms

AP News

The personality looming over the 2018 midterms was President Donald Trump. The issue was health care, the top concern for voters as they decided how to cast their ballots.

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Obamacare Repeal in Congress Is Dead. Next, a Battle Over Medicare for All


Obamacare repeal is officially dead. On to the battle over Medicare for All.

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Hospitals Lose With Medicaid Expansion

Wall Street Journal

I am a hospital CFO and disagree with the comment in your editorial “ObamaCare’s Red State Trap” (Oct. 30) that “hospitals stand to gain more for reimbursement services,” regarding Medicaid expansion.

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