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Health Headlines for Friday, October 26

Insurers, citing rate cuts, ask state to open Essential Plan’s books

Politico Pro (subscription required)

New York’s health insurers want the Cuomo administration to explain why it’s necessary to cut rates for the Essential Plan now that it has received more than $500 million from the federal government that was not expected at the beginning of the year.

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Medicare for All is an election talking point for all. What does it really mean?

USA Today

“Medicare for All” is now a political campaign talking point. Polls on Medicare for Alland single-payer health care have shown that public support varies depending on what the proposal is called and the arguments for or against it.

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‘Medicare for All’ is as scary as it gets

The Hill

There is no mystery as to what House Democrats want to do with American medical care. Their intentions are clearly spelled out in House Resolution 676, also known as the “Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act.”

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‘Medicare for All’ Would Be Terrible for Seniors

National Review

Democrats’ ‘Medicare for All’ would imposing enormous tax increases on all, including seniors, to pick up all medical costs currently borne by employers and those of working age.

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Obamacare premiums 6 percent higher in 2019 after Trump actions: Analysis

Washington Examiner

Obamacare premiums in 2019 will be 6 percent higher because of actions by the Trump administration that many Democrats say amount to “sabotage” of the healthcare law, according to a new analysis.

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