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Health Headlines for Tuesday, August 7

Trump’s Short-Term Health Insurance Policies Quickly Run Into Headwinds

New York Times

The Trump administration’s efforts to allow health insurers to market short-term medical plans as a cheap alternative to the Affordable Care Act are already running into headwinds, with state insurance regulators resisting the sales and state governments moving to restrict them.

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Amid changes at federal level, New York state sets health insurance rates

Buffalo Business First

Health insurance rates for individuals will rise next year at three of four health insurers that do business in Western New York.

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New York rejects premium hikes blamed on Trump-era uncertainty

Albany Times Union

Health insurance premiums will increase about 8.6 percent next year for New Yorkers who purchase their coverage through the individual market, but the state agency that approved that increase wants consumers to know it could have been much worse.

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WalletHub: Why New York ranks 17th in health care behind Maine, South Dakota, other states


New York has the 17th best health care system in the country based on cost, accessibility and medical outcomes, according to a new study.

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Lawsuit exposes fatal flaw in ObamaCare’s individual mandate

The Hill

The most recent challenge to the Affordable Care Act, a Texas-led, 20-state lawsuit, made news when the U.S. Department of Justice conceded the unconstitutionality of the individual mandate.

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