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Health Headlines for Friday, July 27

Cuomo, foes debate N.Y. health care bill

Daily Star

The race for governor has been infused with the debate over whether the state should take responsibility for the health insurance needs of New Yorkers.bill

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Opioid prescriptions decline across state

Utica Observer Dispatch

Among Blue Cross members, New Yorkers aren’t prescribed opioid painkillers as often as residents of other states.

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Some Doctors, Patients Balk At Medicare’s ‘Flat Fee’ Payment Proposal


The Trump administration announced a plan Friday that would affect about 40 percent of the payments physicians receive from Medicare. Not everybody’s pleased.

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Millennials rack up the most medical debt, and more frequently


People often imagine medical debt as something that comes from late-life catastrophic illness. But a recent study shows millennials carry a greater amount of this kind of debt than older Americans, and incur it more frequently.

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States sue Trump administration over expansion of skimpy group insurance plans

The Hill

A group of 11 states and Washington, D.C., are suing the Trump administration in an attempt to roll back a regulation that allowed for the expansion of certain health plans that skirt ObamaCare regulations.

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