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Health Headlines for Friday, July 6

Drugmakers try evasion, tougher negotiations to fight new U.S. insurer tactic


In the escalating battle over U.S. prescription drug prices, major pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to limit the economic damage from a new U.S. insurer tactic that coaxes patients away from expensive drugs.

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Dems Want to Focus High Court Fight on Abortion, Health Care

U.S. News

In the budding battle royale over the Supreme Court vacancy, what’s the Democratic sweet spot between satisfying liberal activists’ demands for an all-out fight against President Donald Trump’s pick and protecting senators facing tight re-election races in deeply red states?

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Tax-Free Health Spending Is Only the Start

Wall Street Journal

Arguing that “The IRS Can Save American Health Care” (op-ed, July 2), Regina Herzlinger and Joel Klein overlook the biggest factors that keep prices from coming down.

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Congress should stand up for seniors and the Medicare Part D deal

The Hill

Families across this country are struggling with rising prescription drug prices every day. Older Americans who rely on Medicare Part D — prescription drug coverage — take an average of 4.5 prescription medications and are hit particularly hard by these rising costs.

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