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Health Headlines for Monday, June 11

Fed up with rising costs, big U.S. firms dig into healthcare


The company is among a handful of large American employers who are getting more deeply involved in managing their workers’ health instead of looking to insurers to do it. Cisco last year began offering its employees a plan it negotiated directly with nearby Stanford Health medical system.

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Can Low-Intensity Care Solve High Health Care Costs?

New York Times

How much you spend on medical care depends on what you get, but also where you get it.

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Administration Challenges ACA’s Preexisting Conditions Protection In Court

Kaiser Health News

The Trump administration is refusing to defend key parts of the Affordable Care Act, essentially arguing that federal courts should find the health law’s protection for people with preexisting conditions unconstitutional.

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Provision in Medicaid work bill could end Healthy Michigan program

Detroit Free Press

Tucked into the bill that requires able-bodied Medicaid recipients to work at least 80 hours a month is a provision that could kill the state’s Healthy Michigan plan altogether.

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Flu season was one of the deadliest for children

ABC News

The past flu season was the deadliest for U.S. children in nearly a decade, health officials said Friday.

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Hospitals Address Widespread Doctor Burnout

Wall Street Journal

Doctors who feel stressed or burned out are getting some urgent care.

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