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Single Payer Legislation Moves in Assembly

On March 13, 2018, the Assembly Health Committee advanced legislation (A.4738-A) enacting a Single Payer Health System, known as the New York Health Act. It was reported from Committee by a 17-7 margin. Robin Schimminger was the sole Democrat to vote against the bill. This is the first in a series of committees the bill must pass through before it gets to the floor of the Assembly for passage in that chamber. It is now in the Codes Committee and also needs to be considered by the Ways and Means Committee. To see the NYSCOP Memo in Opposition to the legislation click here.

Yes Votes:
Abinanti, Thomas J.(D); Bichotte, Rodneyse(D); Braunstein, Edward C.(D); Cahill, Kevin A.(D); Dinowitz, Jeffrey(D); Galef, Sandra R.(D); Gottfried, Richard N.(D); Gunther, Aileen M.(D); Hevesi, Andrew D.(D); Jaffee, Ellen C.(D); Kim, Ronald T.(D); Lavine, Charles D.(D); Paulin, Amy R.(D); Rosenthal, Linda B.(D); Solages, Michaelle C.(D); Steck, Philip G.(D); Titone, Matthew J.(D)

No Votes:
Byrne, Kevin (F)(R); Garbarino, Andrew R.(R); Norris, Michael (F)(R); Ra, Edward P,(R); Raia, Andrew P.(R); Schimminger, Robin(D); Walter, Raymond W.(R)