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Health Headlines for Thursday, February 1

Employer Health Insurance: Often-Hated, Sometimes Pioneering, and Now on Amazon’s Radar

New York Times

In the United States, most working-age people get their health insurance through work.

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Hospitals are revolting against the generic drug market. Here’s why


In recent years, Robert Ripley has watched spiking drug prices menace his budget like a fast-rising flood.

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Big Pharma Has the Flu


A week ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed what people have been suspecting: This flu season is one of the worst in recent memory.

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Health insurers curious, but not worried yet, about Amazon’s plans

Buffalo Business First (Subscription Required)

Western New York health care executives expect disruption, but also some innovation, from a new initiative to address health care costs by three major national firms.

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Cancer Survival Rates Are Up—But Where You Live Affects Your Odds


More people are surviving cancer than ever before—but if you want the best possible odds, where you live still matters, according to a massive new research paper published Tuesday in The Lancet.

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New NY law extends deadline for cancer lawsuits


As he signaled earlier this week, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed a law Wednesday to extend the time cancer patients have to file medical malpractice lawsuits.

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The Judge Singlehandedly Trying to Solve the Opioid Crisis


A Cleveland judge says the U.S. government has punted on the nationwide opioid epidemic. So he’s grabbing the ball and running with it.

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