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Governor Cuomo Acts on Coverage Mandates

Governor Cuomo vetoed a bill (A.2906, Ortiz /S.3421, Parker) that would have mandated Medicaid coverage for topical oxygen wound therapy. The legislation specified that the treatment would have to be ordered by a physician or other prescriber for chronic wound management. In his Veto Message, the Governor pointed out that this therapy is currently a covered benefit and will continue to be until the Medicaid Evidenced Based Benefits Review Advisory Committee (EBBRAC) makes a final determination on whether or not it is effective.

The Governor approved legislation to mandate insurance coverage for breast tomosynthesis, also known as 3-D mammography. In his Approval Memo, the Governor noted that this coverage is already required and that the legislation continues to allow insurers to review whether the use of 3-D mammography is medically necessary. The bill (A.5677, Seawright)/S.4150, Griffo) takes effect in 60 days.